March 31, 2018

Download & Install office 365 setup with product key |

Microsoft is one of the largest reputed American multi-national Companies, ruling the entire world since decades. Microsoft is known for manufacturing, developing, supporting, licensing and selling- PC, software, hardware, and many other products. With the changing time, it keeps on upgrading its features. Recently, Office 365 has made up with the latest update which is available for all the users from home, personal to business purposes.

Office 365 setup is cloud based subscription to the Office suite which is available on the basics of monthly and yearly to the user to experience its new features. If you’re thinking of experiencing the new Office 365 features then you should go for it.

Certain things need to keep in mind, before going to Office setup 365-purchasing, downloading, installing, and activating. Sometimes, for deactivation just to activate it on another PC. They are:

  • Your device needs to have the latest upgradation.
  • Your system needs to have sufficient data storage.
  • An uninterrupted internet connection
  • A good Antivirus protection shield.
  • The system should be in a healthy condition.

Before utilizing any product features, the product needs to be purchased carefully, followed by downloading, installing and activating. Same goes with Office suite or Office 365 setup.  Office suite products are purchased via online as well as offline mode.

For purchasing an Office suite via online mode, follow the given steps carefully-

  1. Visit
  2. Choose your convenient plan among the other plans as listed in that page. Along with it select for the one service and choose your operating system, where you’ll use it.
  3. Supply them with MS-Office details and choose the payment option, for the successful purchasing of the chosen Office product.
  4. In the Office My Account page- choose between Sign-in and Sign-up and fill up the details as per your choice.
  5. Congratulation! You have successfully purchased your Office product for your system. Check your email id or inbox in your phone from MS-Office that will be containing the Office setup product key.

For purchasing an Office suite via offline mode, follow the given steps carefully-

  • You need to visit your nearby Office retailer shop, to buy your Office product, according to your convenience.
  • They will provide you with a packet that will contain the Office product key. While activation you need to redeem it through that

Office suite after successful purchasing via online or offline mode needs to be downloaded and installed properly. After installation is done, go for activation of Office setup.

For downloading and installing of Office setup 365 via online mode, follow the given steps carefully-

  1. Go to
  2. In the Office My Account page-
    1. Choose Sign-in, if you’re already member of MS-Office.
    2. Choose Sign-up, if you’re new member of MS-Office.
  3. After successful log-in, entering Office setup product key box appears. Look for your email id inbox or the text message in your phone, where it has been provided to you by Microsoft Office.
  4. Choose the language and country, you’re comfortable from the list of the languages and countries provided in the page.
  5. Choose the device you want to download it for, from the download link below the product, you newly purchased.
  6. After the Office product file got downloaded, simply press both the keys (Ctrl +J) from the keyboard, altogether.
  7. Select the Office setup file which you just now downloaded.
  8. Look for the file location and double-click on the Office installer icon, to install it and run the program.
  9. Please read and agree on the Office license- terms and conditions, to proceed to the next step.
  10. Press on Install button to install it and wait for the system to done with the installation.

For downloading and installing of Office 365 setup via offline mode, follow the given steps carefully-

  1. Look for the Office setup product key from the Office product package, as provided by the retailer shop. You can search for Office product key either on the backside of your CD or in a card, inside the Office product package.
  2. Now visit and open up the web install link.
  3. Select the country and the language, you reside and comfortable with.  Then fill up your Office setup product key.
  4. In the Office My Account page- Choose between Sign-in and Sign-up, as per your convenience and fill up accordingly the information.

Note– The Office setup Product key is one time usable. If you have already used it more than the limitation then you can no longer use it. After you’re done with activation Office 365 set up, you can either use the Office CD or through Office 365 website to install.

If you face any issue, related to downloading and installing the Office setup 365 via online and offline mode. Kindly contact Office Customer Service to get an expert advice in your issues.Usually, activating the Office 365 setup in your system is by opening any of office setup application (Word or Excel or PowerPoint) makes it done.For any issues related to Office 365 setup, visit to get support from the experts.